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Kind Words From My Clients

"Jonah! I had an awesome time working with you. You're the perfect balance of talent, professional, and fun. I can't thank you enough for the wonderful pictures you took of me and my sister. Hit me up when you're back in Maui, as I will definitely text you anytime I'm in LA. (:"
        ~ Sophia J. (See her favorites)

"I will recommend everyone I know to Jonah! This photo shoot was a blast, and the pictures look incredible!"
        ~ Kayla R. (See our photoshoot)

"It was soo great working with you the other day, thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures and for all your help getting me started! Models: this photographer is awesome, such a great guy and has so much talent!!"
        ~ Emily K.

"OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM! I can't believe that's me! Wow I'm so happy right now, thank you so so much! They look incredible."
        ~ Kelli S.

"Love the pictures!!! Thank you, Jonah!!! It was fun, let me know if you want to do another photoshoot when I am back in CA."
        ~ Tatiana S.

"Hey Jonah, these pictures look awesome! Thank you! You are good! Wow... Jonah, I wasn't sure what to expect but thank you for taking the time to take the pics and edit them. Had a great time with you!"
        ~ Brit M.

"Woa! Just received the mail, that's a lot of photos!! You are awesome!! Thank you for everything!! It was a pleasure working with you and you are soooo talented!"
        ~ Naseem M.

"Hey Jonah! I had a great time doing the shoot with you yesterday. You did an amazing job! I loved all the shots. We need to work together again soon."
        ~ Keisha T.

"FABULOUS group of shots, applause, applause! LOVE this, good job! Jonah, thank YOU."
        ~ Michele J.

Modeling/Headshot Photoshoot Overview:

Overall, a few things I want you to know about my modeling/headshot photography before booking with me:

* I'm usually booked for photoshoots 2-3 weeks out, but occasionally I have a sooner opening. The good news is, it gives us more time to prepare.
* Due to the volume of projects I'm a part of, I'm very punctual and take my schedule very seriously. I have a 100% on-time/show up ratio. Always on time, nothing ever "comes up."
* There's no picture limit or warddrobe change limit, as long as our timeframe permits.
* For each hour that we do pictures, you'll get at least 8 finished (optimized & retouched) pictures. For example, a 2 hour shoot will get you at least 16 finished images.
* After our shoot, I'll send you a thumbnail view of the best photos, usually 30-40 per hour of shooting, for you to choose your favorites for editing/retouching.
* I will not place any of my logo watermarks on your finished images. The images you've seen with my logo on it, have been used for promotional and marketing use.
* I am available for longer shoots than the drop down menu allows; we can work out a custom configuration.

Modeling/Headshot Photoshoot Process:

Step 1. We Define, Setup, and Book the Shoot Together
First I want to get an idea of the purpose of your shoot, and what types of images you'd like to get from it (headshots, full length, etc). We'll then determine the date, time, and location for the shoot, and then we'll determine the smallest package you'd need in order to get you what you want!

Step 2. We Prepare for the Shoot Together
Read over my "Prepare For Our Shoot" Page to help you plan for our shoot, and prepare your outfits. If you'd like help choosing what to wear, you're welcome to send me picture-texts to help you choose what looks best on you.

Step 3. We Complete the Shoot Together
I will show you the photos as we go. We'll modify the pose, angle, or expression until we capture the exact look you want, then we can move on when you're happy with each segment. This way you'll know that you got the photos you want, and you'll get an idea of what they'll look like!

Step 4. I Edit Pictures, and Send Them
At the end of our shoot:
1. I transfer all photos to my computer, sort through the entire shoot, create a new folder of all the best ones, then I send you a thumbnail view of the best photos for you to select your favorites for editing/retouching. Typically about 30-50 pictures for each hour of shooting come out awesome, and I will send you all the unedited versions of those, too.
2. Once the editing process is complete and finished, I send you an email with a link to download a ZIP file of all the completed photos, in large and small size formats, so you have quick access to them.
3. If you'd like, within a week of me finishing the photoshoot, I can mail you a USB Flash Drive with the entire shoot.

Optional: I offer an optional "Same-Day Service," where I'll finish the editing of the photos that same night, so you'll have them ready for you the next morning. My rate for same day service is adding $30 for each hour that we shoot pictures for.

Why I Do Photo-Enhancing: Click Image for High-Def

Left: As taken from camera. Right: After my editing.

Choose Your Modeling/Headshot Package:

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