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Featured Project: Sunset Silhouettes

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Now Casting for: Sunset Silhouette Prints

* I am currently creating high-contrast, colorful, sunset silhouette photoart pieces, to sell large-format prints in art galleries/shows. See Examples
* I am seeking 3 to 5 people who are punctual, spunky, flexible, fit, have a great attitude, easy to work with, and have as much positive & creative energy as I do! Backgrounds in yoga, martial arts, dance, contortion, or other visual entertainment that can be captured as a sunset silhouette is obviously a plus, but it's not required. I'll consider everyone, and all of your concepts/ideas.
* I am offering you my 30-minute photoshoot package for each sunset we capture together, so you can add whatever you'd like to your portfolio; Headshots, Full-Body, any outfits you're missing, or updating your new look/hairstyle. Each sunset is about an hour, and the 30-minute shoot is to be done that same day, on location, right before our sunset shoot starts. You can see examples of Recent Headshots here, or see below.

* Shooting location options include the beaches of either Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, or Manhattan Beach (on the sand, aligned with 17th Street).
* I am available for shooting 7 sunsets per week in the Newport/Huntington/Laguna areas, and available during weekend's sunsets (Fri-Sun) in Manhattan Beach.
* We will arrive on location 2 hours before sunset. That gives us time for your 30 minute shoot, and then to prepare for an hour of sunset photos.

* You'll get at least 4 well-finished/touched up images from our 30 minute photoshoot segment (color and black/white versions), no limit on wardrobe changes as long as time allows. You'll get these finished images emailed to you within 2 business days, so you can use them. (Monday-Friday are my business days. A Friday evening shoot means you get finished images by Tuesday night.)
* I have a modeling release form, so we both know what to expect going forward, which (1) makes me the owner of photos, and gives me right to edit, finish, and sell the photos as I'd like, (2) states that there is no monetary compensation for participating [however you get my 30-minute photography package], (3) gives you the right to use all finished pictures from our shoot for promotional, marketing, social media, etc., as long as my thunderbolt logo remains on the image, and (4) allows for amendments or changes in the future, should we both agree to do something else.

To be considered, email me with the subject "Sunset Photoshoot" - jonahlavitt@gmail.com

Please Include:
* Your basic details,
* A link to your portfolio or attach several photos,
* What concepts/ideas you already have for the sunset silhouettes,
* What photos you'd like to take during your 30 minute shoot, and
* The best way and time to reach you.

Let's make some art together!

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A few headshot and similar examples:

Discover your deepest truth.
Enjoy total freedom and love.
Feel the fear and move forward anyway.
Feature your insecurities in your humor.
Your vision is your priority.
Help others obtain their ultimate desires.
Only give your fullest, truest gift.
Create and deliver Massive Value.
Spend quality time getting to know yourself.
Accountability is necessary.
Set your own path and follow it to Self-Mastery.
Project your positive intention.
Give yourself permission to dream bigger.
Set your sail today, win your day, and along your way...

...take pictures!

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